Choosing a mortgage loan brokerage procedure, what advantages does it offer?

The mortgage brokerage service is not yet well enough known by everyone, and yet it should be! It is the service that will save you time, energy and money when you borrow to buy real estate.

The mortgage broker is there to save you time, he will look for the best possible credit offer on your behalf

The main goal in opting for a mortgage broker: to make your life easier!

The main goal in opting for a mortgage broker: to make your life easier!

In fact, looking for real estate is already a major source of stress and anxiety. It takes a lot of time, requires availability and patience. But this is only the beginning, because once the property of your dreams is found, you will need to apply for a loan from a bank and above all make sure of your financial capacity.

Let’s assume that you decide to do this by yourself, you will then have to: ask your bank. That is to say, succeeding in making an appointment quickly with your bank advisor, giving them personal and professional information and waiting for their return as to the feasibility of your real estate project and the offer that could result. to follow.

This step, you will have to repeat it with several banks because the objective here, is to compare the banks between them and obtain on your side the best offer. Please note, you will also need to take into account the insurance rate.

In fact, your loan is not only limited to the bank’s interest rate but also to the insurance rate and other additional conditions. Obviously, the banks will make sure to offer you their insurance rate (which can be a good rate but also a much higher rate than if you had gone through another insurer).

Make the good choice

Make the good choice

You will understand, this process is long and will require a lot of time. This approach also requires some market expertise, to know what is offered by the banks, and by the various insurance establishments. Without forgetting all the other additional criteria such as prepayment penalties for example.


  1. Your real estate broker is paid for the result, only if you have set up the loan negotiated by him
  2. Using a free broker is like asking a live bank
  3. Entrusting your financing to a traditional broker is the assurance of obtaining the best financial conditions on the market
  4. The fees of the real estate broker are the consideration for the elimination of bank charges, so they should not exceed $ 950


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