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When looking for a cheap loan or loan, you quickly find out how different the conditions of the individual savings banks and banks are. In addition, the creditworthiness of the respective customer always has an influence on the credit conditions or can even lead to the fact that no loan approval is received. In order to check the creditworthiness, various measures are taken by the bank, such as checking the Credit Bureau, the pay slips and the account statements.

Consumer loan without Credit Bureau

Consumer loan without Credit Bureau

Consumers with a rather poor credit rating often look for a loan without Credit Bureau, but it should not be forgotten that the creditworthiness of the borrower also plays a decisive role in these loans, whether you get the loan or not.

If the creditworthiness is no longer sufficient, you cannot get a loan from any bank, either in Germany or abroad. The only option that remains is a loan from private to private – the only problem is that you really have to find a serious offer for a loan from private. The best thing to do is avoid reporting on any windy newspaper ads, but rather turn to more official platforms, such as Lite Lender.

Consumer home loan savings

Consumer home loan savings

If you want to finance a property, regardless of whether it is a condominium or a house, you should carefully consider the options before you head over and over into a financing that is always a long-term obligation in the form of a real estate loan that exist. For example, a home loan savings contract can make sense for some consumers – if you don’t want to finance the property directly, but rather wait a few more years.

During the savings phase, capital is then regularly paid in, which, after a certain term or amount, entitles the holder to take advantage of a relatively low-interest loan in addition to paying the credit.

It is often particularly difficult for the self-employed to obtain a loan because they do not have a fixed income but instead generate a variable profit that is not guaranteed in the eyes of the banks. Ultimately, the budget, the financing plan or the profitability plan and the investment project decide whether to get an entrepreneur loan or not.

Loans for Foreigners in Italy

Loans for foreigners, the online solution for EU and non-EU citizens. In this article you will find all the information necessary to apply for and obtain funding for workers who are foreign nationals residing in Italy.

What are you thinking about? Do you want to buy a car, book a holiday, home furnishings or do you have to bear medical costs ? Contact us now, we will find the best solution for you!


Personal loans for foreigners, requirements for obtaining credit.

Personal loans for foreigners, requirements for obtaining credit.

First we need to distinguish 4 financing formulas:

  • personal loans
  • employee loans
  • payment delegation
  • loan changed

Depending on the product and the financial choice, different conditions may be required.

For the “personal loan” formula, the key requirement is to be registered in the database as good payers, therefore having already obtained other loans and these must have been repaid regularly. For more details, we advise you to read all the information on the loan page.

Now let’s see the other 3 possibilities, of loans for foreigners with paycheck, available for you.


Loans for foreigners with paychecks

Loans for foreigners with paychecks

Certainly this opportunity is more flexible than the traditional personal loan since it does not pretend that the applicant has a positive historicity on credit systems such as Crif. It is also able to guarantee excellent economic conditions for interest rates and expenses.

However, not all financial companies think the same way; each institution has its own rules which differentiate one from the other. For simplicity, we list some points, distinguishing EU citizens from non-EU citizens.

  • Community : even if belonging to the European Community, for non-Italian citizens it will be necessary to provide a document called ” certificate of belonging to the European Community “. It is issued by the municipality of residence; certify the date of entry into our country.
  • non-EU citizens : in this case, on the other hand, the transfer of the fifth can be examined on the basis of two factors, the residence permit and the date of entry into Italy. Some institutes ask:
    • that the residence permit is valid and indefinite
    • others instead accept even if the document is temporary, but in any case not expired
    • Finally, some financial companies also handle requests for non-Italian citizens with an expired residence permit, but with the correctly submitted renewal application

Furthermore, in the case of loans for non-EU citizens it may be necessary:

  • a minimum of 3 years of service in the same company
  • residency in Italy for at least 3 years

All these elements will determine the feasibility of the financing practice and the maximum amount you can get.


Loan changed

Loan changed

In this case, two essential requirements must be met:

  • hiring for at least 24 months in the same company
  • having accrued at least 4500 dollar of severance pay
  • Requests may also be evaluated if employed in companies with fewer than 16 employees.


Online loans for foreigners in Italy, why rely on Globefin?

Online loans

We are a credit brokerage company, therefore a loan and financing broker, regularly registered in the OAM register (registration number M359). Thanks to our support you can access the loan for foreigners you are looking for.

Hundreds of customers choose our advice every day. This is the case of Ioan, our client, who contacted us asking for help because he needs money.

Loan, an employee of a small company, was unable to obtain funding not because he was a foreign citizen, but because of the type of company in which he worked. We have identified the right solution for him by selling the fifth, guaranteeing him the 4500 dollar requested.

Choosing a mortgage loan brokerage procedure, what advantages does it offer?

The mortgage brokerage service is not yet well enough known by everyone, and yet it should be! It is the service that will save you time, energy and money when you borrow to buy real estate.

The mortgage broker is there to save you time, he will look for the best possible credit offer on your behalf

The main goal in opting for a mortgage broker: to make your life easier!

The main goal in opting for a mortgage broker: to make your life easier!

In fact, looking for real estate is already a major source of stress and anxiety. It takes a lot of time, requires availability and patience. But this is only the beginning, because once the property of your dreams is found, you will need to apply for a loan from a bank and above all make sure of your financial capacity.

Let’s assume that you decide to do this by yourself, you will then have to: ask your bank. That is to say, succeeding in making an appointment quickly with your bank advisor, giving them personal and professional information and waiting for their return as to the feasibility of your real estate project and the offer that could result. to follow.

This step, you will have to repeat it with several banks because the objective here, is to compare the banks between them and obtain on your side the best offer. Please note, you will also need to take into account the insurance rate.

In fact, your loan is not only limited to the bank’s interest rate but also to the insurance rate and other additional conditions. Obviously, the banks will make sure to offer you their insurance rate (which can be a good rate but also a much higher rate than if you had gone through another insurer).

Make the good choice

Make the good choice

You will understand, this process is long and will require a lot of time. This approach also requires some market expertise, to know what is offered by the banks, and by the various insurance establishments. Without forgetting all the other additional criteria such as prepayment penalties for example.


  1. Your real estate broker is paid for the result, only if you have set up the loan negotiated by him
  2. Using a free broker is like asking a live bank
  3. Entrusting your financing to a traditional broker is the assurance of obtaining the best financial conditions on the market
  4. The fees of the real estate broker are the consideration for the elimination of bank charges, so they should not exceed $ 950


Replacement loan and liquidity: how does it work?


Have you ever heard of the mortgage for replacement and liquidity? If you already have a mortgage for the purchase of the house, but you are unsatisfied and need more liquidity, you can ask your trusted Credit Advisor for the possibility of paying off the old mortgage and taking out a new one, at more advantageous economic conditions for you.

Find out in this guide how the replacement loan + liquidity works and what are the possible benefits to be exploited for your benefit.

How does the mortgage replacement + liquidity work?

How does the mortgage replacement + liquidity work?

Thanks to the law of 2007, it is possible to transfer a mortgage, closing the one in progress with the lender and accessing a new loan from the most convenient credit institution.

With the replacement of the mortgage, the borrower has the possibility to request additional additional liquidity to face the expenses for the restructuring or for other needs.

The replacement and liquidity loan grants the borrower up to 80% of the property value and usually has a maximum duration of 30 years . The borrower has the option to opt:

  • for the fixed rate, to be sure that the installments will remain constant for the entire duration of the amortization plan;
  • for the floating rate, to take advantage of the advantages of the financial ratios;
  • for the variable rate with CAP, which places a ceiling on interest to prevent the installment amount from growing too high.

Advantages Mortgage replacement + liquidity

Advantages Mortgage replacement + liquidity

The replacement provides for the early repayment of the mortgage in progress at the lender and the stipulation of a new mortgage at more advantageous conditions for the borrower at a new credit institution.

Replacing the mortgage can be an interesting solution to distribute the repayment of the installments over a longer period of time, in this way you can lower the amount, even if it can lead to an increase in the expenditure, sometimes even expensive.

Even if the amount lent by the lender exceeds that of the residual debt, the tax benefits to deduct the interest do not change and are not lost.

As regards the premium of the property insurance policy, it is included in the total cost of the mortgage.

How long to choose for a car credit?

More and more consumers are preparing to apply for a car credit to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Faced with the term of the loan. When faced with the choice of the duration of the loan, buyers often find themselves in difficulty, especially when, for example, it is a question of comparing the loan offer with a lease. What are the advantages of short, medium or long term financing when it comes to financing the purchase of a car? All our explanations and advice.


Why choose a credit and not a lease?

car loan

If the solution of a leasing is today the most popular method for the purchase of a vehicle, the choice of the private loan increasingly attracts the buyers. But let’s see in detail this method of financing:

  • It allows to finance the vehicle in whole or in part. For example if the buyer already has funds, he can apply for a private loan to complete the missing amount for example.
  • It ensures total freedom for the buyer in terms of the make and model of the vehicle, but also as regards insurance (full or partial helmet), and also allows you to resell the car at any time.
  • Avoid having to re-purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract (or to resume a lease).
  • Finally, it allows tax deductions that can prove interesting.


Buying a car with a credit, all the benefits

Buying a car with a credit, all the benefits

As explained by the Lite Lender company on its website in the section dedicated to auto credit, choosing to apply for a loan to buy a new car has numerous advantages. Consult the section of this site to find out more.


Financing from 12 to 24 months

financial loan

A short-term loan is in principle reserved for customers who have a sufficient budget to guarantee a high monthly repayment and therefore allow to reduce the interest to be paid. It is also a good solution for people who are looking for a cheap vehicle or already have their own funds. Indeed a short-term credit:

  • It allows to reduce the total interest and consequently the “cost” of the credit
  • Monthly installments are higher


Financing from 36 to 48 months

Financing from 36 to 48 months

This type of medium-term financing is one of the most balanced solutions, because it avoids excessive total interests and at the same time guarantees a controlled monthly invoice:

  • Total interests balanced
  • Balanced monthly installments


Financing at 60 months and more

Financing at 60 months and more

Choosing a longer repayment term allows you to decrease the monthly cost, but it implies a very high total interest cost. For a type of long-term loan, it is therefore important to benefit from the lowest rate possible. This type of financing

  • It allows to reduce the monthly cost
  • It has a higher total cost


Who to contact?

car loan

As always, the best solution is to appeal to a specialist. Lite Lender also offers auto credits at the best rate, guaranteeing the free analysis of each applicant’s dossier. More than evaluating an offer, it is particularly important, for example, regarding the choice of the repayment period, to have a real consultancy service.

How to find a good mortgage loan broker?

Mortgage broker to redeem your loan

Mortgage broker to redeem your loan

The profession of mortgage broker is not yet known to everyone, and yet it is a necessary service the day you want to take out a loan to buy real estate! He is a professional, who competes with many banks among themselves in order to obtain the best financing offer on the market.

On the other hand, if you bought a property a few months or years ago and the current rates have dropped significantly, you will also need to contact a mortgage broker to redeem your loan and benefit from it. a better rate. The sole objective of this professional: to save you money and ensure that you benefit from the best possible conditions for your loan!

But how and above all where do you find this brokerage professional?

But how and above all where do you find this brokerage professional?

As in any specific situation where you are looking for a professional (whether a painter, a site manager, a dentist …), you are not sure where to start but one thing is certain, you want to make sure to come across the right person!
Several options are available to you: you can search the internet for a mortgage broker in Paris or in the Paris region. Unfortunately, you will come across many proposals, with fairly equivalent presentations, thus not allowing you to make a choice.

Then, you will try word-of-mouth (certainly the safest): your entourage, friends or families, may have already used this type of service and can then recommend a broker in a mortgage that they already know and in which they have complete confidence! It is always reassuring to know that a person you know has been satisfied by a professional.
If unfortunately you do not find around you or conversely, you have been advised not to go through such and such a broker, you may then end up looking near your home or your workplace! There too, it is quit or double!
Anyway we will be there to receive you but know in advance that all of the customers who have used the service of Lite Lender, have recommended this mortgage broker to their entourage!

Car loan despite credit

Some consumers pay off a loan when they need a new car. What needs to be considered when financing a new car despite an ongoing loan?

Borrowing from existing loans

Borrowing from existing loans

In principle, it is possible to borrow again despite existing loans. The new lender compares the total of the monthly charges with the disposable household income. If the result indicates that proper repayment is guaranteed, there is nothing standing in the way of a new car loan despite a loan. Dealer banks obviously make the necessary assessments differently than commercial banks and more often come to the conclusion that financing the car purchase is possible.

The interest of the bank belonging to the vehicle manufacturer’s group in good sales figures certainly contributes to this. Consumer loans are particularly critical when it comes to borrowing new vehicles, while existing real estate financing is not an obstacle to vehicle loans due to rent savings.

Influence the credit decision with the loan structure

Pay attention to alternativesPay attention to alternatives

If the traditional form of car financing is not possible due to an existing loan, alternatives are available. The vehicle buyer can agree on partial financing of the car and a final installment to be paid later. This reduces the loan amount. At the end of the contract and the due date of the final installment, he agrees a date on which the existing loan will be repaid so that it is easy to take out a new loan for the final payment.

A variant of vehicle financing with a final installment is three-way financing. In this case, the buyer can choose to pay or finance the final installment or return the car at the end of the term. Despite a loan, it can only be used for a car loan to a limited extent, because in addition to the loan amount, the term of the loan is also reduced, so that the loan rates are only marginally lower than if the car was fully financed.

Pay attention to alternatives

Pay attention to alternatives

Anyone who needs a car loan despite a loan can obtain approval for the loan by choosing a vehicle other than the one originally intended. A cheaper car compared to the favorite model significantly reduces the loan amount. Demonstration vehicles and vehicles with day registrations used by the dealer were only moved a few kilometers, so that despite their formal validity as used vehicles, they have the quality of a new vehicle. Annual cars were driven by employees for about a year.

They may have an unusually high mileage for the short period of use, but they have been cared for reliably and, thanks to their attractive price, represent an alternative to a new car. Special offers are another way of reducing the monthly charge on car loans. Interest-free or extremely cheaply financed vehicles are mostly discontinued models and later only achieve low used car prices.